2012 Redline Racing Update!

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Press Pass Redline Revised Release Date Set for July 5

6/12/2012 -


We know everyone is anxiously awaiting our next release, 2012 Press Pass Redline Racing. As our newest high-end trading card release, this product is loaded with on-card autographs and autographed memorabilia cards from the top drivers in the sport. Each collectible tin delivers two autograph cards and two race-used memorabilia card with at least one autographed memorabilia card in each tin!

However, as fate would have it the autographs for a handful of key drivers were misplaced before they could be signed. The cards have been located and are with the drivers this week. The plan is to have the signed autograph cards in-hand by Monday which would result in a July 5th live date (June 29th for early release). We strive to be redemption free, and we feel collectors would rather have the product a little later than have to deal with redemptions, especially for key drivers.

We will provide updates early next week as the cards come in, and we are confident that the product will be well worth the wait! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or comments.


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