Press Pass Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your mailing address?

You may write to us at:
Press Pass, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
9805 NorthCross Center Court, Suite H

Huntersville, NC  28078


2) I opened a box of cards and did not get the inserts that I was supposed to according to the insert ratio stated on the box or wrapper.

While we make every effort to ensure that the odds of finding an insert are the same as those stated, it is impossible to guarantee insert cards to the box level. Odds of insertion are reflective of the entire press run and do not guarantee number of insert cards per pack, box, or case.

If you did not receive the advertising contents for your purchase, please send us the following information:

  • A copy of your receipt from the purchase
  • The UPC barcode from the box or pack that you purchased (cut off box or send wrapper)
  • A letter explaining the situation

All information listed above must be included for your collation error can be processed.  Please note that we do not process any collation errors until 60 days after the release date of the product.

We will process a maximum of three (3) collation errors per individual per calendar year.

We do not exchange for DUPLICATE cards.


 3) I received a damaged sequentially numbered card. Can you replace this card?

Yes, we will re-number your serial number on an identical replacement card by hand to insure that there is the stated number of cards on the market. Your damaged card will be destroyed after it is replaced to ensure integrity of the program.


4) What is your replacement policy for factory damaged cards? Where do I send them for replacement?

We will be happy to replace any current-season, factory damaged cards as long as supplies last. However, card-per-card replacement is limited to a total of 50 cards per submission. Effective August 1, 2014 all damaged cards replaced will be HAND numbered and not machine numbered. To receive a replacement, send the defective cards, along with a letter of explanation of the problem, and a listing of the cards to:

Press Pass, Inc.
Attn: Card Replacement 
9805 NorthCross Center Court, Suite H 
Huntersville, NC  28078

Press Pass, Inc. is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. If you are mailing cards of value, you may want to consider sending via certified or registered mail to ensure successful delivery.


5) Will Press Pass, Inc. honor an expired redemption?

Press Pass, Inc. will make every effort to honor redemptions that have passed their expiration date as long as we still have the redemption card in our inventory. 


6) Can I purchase cards directly from Press Pass, Inc.? Where can I purchase cards?

We do not sell directly to individual collectors.  However, you may obtain Press Pass products through our distribution network that consists of hobby dealers, convenience stores, and retail chains (e.g. Target and Wal-Mart).


7) How can I complete a set of Press Pass cards?

Your local hobby store can help you find individual cards. Additionally, weekend card shows are an excellent opportunity to visit many dealers at once. Card shows may be listed in your local paper as well as on the Krause Publications and Beckett websites.


8) What is my Press Pass card worth?

Press Pass, Inc. does not estimate card values. Market values are determined by supply and demand. The best resources for card values are the many price guides available, such as Beckett. These guides can be found at most hobby retailers as well as selected retail chains and bookstores.


9) Where can I get a checklist of your products?

Click here to search for your checklist.


Still have a question?  Please e-mail it to: